Localizations and digital practices of luxury brands in China

HEC-Shanghai-2019- Oct

Localization for the Chinese market is now no secret for brands anymore. Yet, in the past few years, many renowned luxury brands have stumbled into marketing nightmares. This was often the result of insensitivity or ignorance of local values and culture. The rise of national pride among the younger generation sets higher standards upon brands to avoid any condescension to China.

Luxury brands also have global challenges to face:  the casualization of luxury and the fragmentation of brands’ voice with the rise of influencer marketing.

How can luxury brand’s global identity resonate well with Chinese consumers? And how should a brand’s vitality be “translated,” still playful while operating within local rules and censorship laws?

To answer these questions, Emily Guo, Marketing Consultant of Cherry Blossoms shared insights and case studies with HEC Paris Executive MBA Luxury students at the Shanghai Shangri-La, on October 24th.

Special thanks to Professor Jean-Noël Kapferer for inviting us, and Ms. Floriane Civadier for the arrangements!