How to define luxury through narrative?


The Future of Luxury II: New Pillars of eCommerce conference debuted in New York on 22 May, hosted as a collaboration between Sotheby’s and Jing Daily. Laurence Lim Dally, Marketing Director of Cherry Blossoms was invited to talk about how luxury brands can capitalize on communicating authenticity through narrative to evoke resonance and engagement.

“Traditional luxury was about creating a world outside of a world, but the future of luxury is about connection.” The modern luxury that appeals to Chinese Millennials now has to be connected and inspired by the real world, and aims to resonate emotionally with the meaning of their own life, who they are and also their values. Emotional drivers in communication rely on localization & authenticity. It allows consumers to establish trust and loyalty through the emotional resonance.

“Stories matter, what has changed with new luxury is that it is about real stories.” Storytelling remains crucial for luxury brands hoping to amplify individuality in a highly competitive market. Observing luxury through the lens of Chinese millennials, less excited about ostentation and brand history, but attracting them through distinctiveness or an authentic story that is original and creative.

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