How does hong kong remain attractive to the new generation of Chinese wealthy consumers?

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3a8f01d0-6faf-4e5c-a69c-d1bca9f4a0d8-originalOn November 5th, Laurence Lim Dally, Marketing Director of Cherry Blossoms and Bettina Ding, Marketing Consultant of Cherry Blossoms at the FCCIHK Luxury Symposium talked about the attractiveness of Hong Kong and how luxury brands can capitalize on the vintage and authentic side of Hong Kong, to renew the luxury experience.

“With China’s vision of the Greater Bay Area becoming a reality and Shenzhen shining as a new technology and cultural hub, many start to cry wolf about the “decline” of Hong Kong.

The luxury shopping driven travelers, attracted to Hong Kong’s tax-free prices may fade. Luxury Mainland Chinese consumers are now more likely to purchase online, in Europe or “at home” where luxury brands are beginning to lower their prices.

But observing Hong Kong through the lens of Mainland Millennials, less excited by shopping and craving authentic and original experiences, shines another light on the region.”