How do innovation and diversity work together?

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The W.IN forum (Women in Innovation Forum) took place on May 21st, around the Manifesto: “Diversity powers innovation”.

“It’s 2018 and diversity at the top remains a challenge. We need to be more strategic about the way we push for more equity in leadership roles in the coming years. The future is diverse. The future is inclusive. Diversity is a force that empowers, not polarizes. Promoting women and diversity should lead to “Us + them” not “Us vs. them”, tapping into the positive power of difference.”, Catherine Barba Chiaramonti.

Laurence Lim Dally talked about Chinese women entrepreneurs.

China today stands for innovation, that is now challenging the US. Despite many prejudice on China’s creativity. It is remarkable that Tencent (the Chinese internet provider owner of WeChat) now ranks as 4th most innovative company worldwide, before Amazon. China has the biggest fintech market in the world.

So China stands for innovation but China also stands for diversity. All those who have been in China or have been working with Chinese know that China confronts us to radical difference at all levels. Understanding, embracing, this difference makes you question your fundamentals. And this would be the first step towards innovation.

Chinese women, and the massive rise of Chinese women entrepreneurs, is unique in the world. Because these women widely contribute to China’s innovation today, and confront us to a different way to innovate. By their way to listen to consumers’ needs, make (or adapt) products and services accessible to the widest number, through a trial & error approach.

Chinese women manage to win the battle for equality on the economic field. Highly aspirational for so many women, Chinese female entrepreneurs manage to change representations and break up traditional family and social conventions.