New localization strategies of luxury brands in China

By October 23, 2017 culture No Comments

HEC localisation flyer

The Chinese luxury market is unique and temperamental. How does a brand balance its global identity but resonate well with Chinese consumers?

Localisation for the Chinese market is now common across brands, yet not so long ago, luxury brands in particular were reluctant to adapt. What has happened in the span of a few years? How have brand images evolved to approach their Chinese audience and still entice them with their exclusive individuality?

On the 19th of October, Bettina Ding, Marketing Consultant of Cherry Blossoms shared their insights with the students of HEC Paris Executive MBA Major Executive Certificate in Luxury at the Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton. Using concrete examples from renowned luxury brands, we analyse the degrees of resonance across all types of localisation including naming, social media, brand ambassador and e-commerce.

Special thanks to Professor Jean-Noël Kapferer for inviting us, and Ms. Mathilde Bretault for the arrangements.