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What does it mean to be feminine in China today? The ideals of femininity have been evolving in China since ancient history. The Confucian moral heritage and the Western influence regarding seduction, are colliding today with growing Asian influences, notably from Korea.

Could China’s new ideal woman be the confluence of an empowered have-it-all as promoted by Western countries, and a sweet yet allusively sexy creature as valued in Far Eastern cultures? Or, has Chinese femininity developed its own coming of being, in terms of both psychology and appearance?

Besides the notable cultural effect, a steady development is happening in commercial communication. What can marketers do to resonate with the new generation of Chinese women?

Laurence Lim Dally shares her cultural decoding of femininity in modern-day China. Starting the conversation with an analysis of both Western and Asian influences on the Chinese perception of femininity, she then presents the various models of femininities, young Chinese women identify and aspire to.